Love and Unity

In the heart of our close-knit family, a very powerful word was born - MUO.

The word MUO is like a sweet, affectionate "muuuah" that we use to express love and care with our family and friends.

For us however it's much more than just letters; it's a symbol of love, unity, joy and unwavering support. That's why we feel it is the perfect name for our brand.

Our goals

At MUO, our goals aren't just aspirations; they're our heartbeat,driving us to create, inspire, and spread joy. We want each soul to shine a little brighter when wearing MUO!

Yes, that means you too!

Our Values

At MUO, our main focus is on quality, comfort, style and sustainability.

We aim to prioritize sustainability by offering durable products, made of high-quality raw materials. We believe in delivering a conscious choice for a sustainable lifestyle.

Why the word MUO

For decades, the word MUO has been the glue that bound our hearts together. From our laughter-filled gatherings to tearful farewells. As time went on, our family expanded, welcoming dear friends, kindred spirits, and like-minded souls into our inner circle. The word "MUO" embraced them all, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and belonging that has left a mark on each soul it touched.

Inspired by the power of the word MUO, we started this journey. We envisioned a brand that would capture the very essence of our family's love – playful, youthful, and deeply connected - made with love.

Through our brand, we seek to inspire others to express love, gratitude, and support, not only to family and friends but to every soul they touch. For we know that the power of "MUO" is not just in the word itself, but in the actions it inspires – in the smiles it awakens, and in the lives it can change.

We invite you to join us in spreading the magic of the word MUO and celebrating the power of love and unity in every step you take.

Thank you for being Part of our journey!

MUO, Kätlin and Torsten.

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